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Pure South

SINCE 1948
70 years ago, our farmers started working together. They created world class breeding programmes, invested in research, developed innovative butchery techniques, and took New Zealand’s finest lamb,beef and venison to the world.

Duroc d'Olives

We are what we eat. This saying goes not only for us, as human beings, but also for the pigs, which depend on having a healthy diet. With the collaboration of the university of Ghent specialists, we developed a feed formulation for our pigs based on in-depth research. So we focused on three pillars:
Olive oil enhances the taste of the meat and makes it even tenderer. Thanks to our pig feed program, fat starts to form at just the right time in the animals’ development.
Olive oil contains lots of monounsaturated fatty acids. Our pigs absorb this oil as part of their feed, so we find a similar amount of fatty acids in the pigs’ body fat. This helps to prevent human heart disease.
The ingredients in our pig feed are based on scientific research. The basis of this feed is a blend of pure raw grains, fibers, and proteins. By always sticking to the same formulation, we are able to guarantee the consistent quality of our uniquely tender pork meat.





Silver Fern 

Founded in 1948, we are New Zealand's leading procurer, processor, marketer and exporter of premium quality lamb, beef and venison.   


Our 'plate-to-pasture' strategy is how we make it happen - focusing first on identifying consumer needs, and then working with our farmers to grow animals and apply our expertise to meet those needs.


Since 1920 we have constantly improved the quality of our products in every aspect. We have been raising our special purebred pigs for decades, a tradition which today represents for Batallé, a pig which truly is “el Único”. Guided by our motto “Quality - a matter of Principle”, so embedded in our company structure which ensures full traceability of our products is guaranteed. The growth and history of Batalle “el Único” has been achieved through determination, dedication and working with clear objectives.

Nutra Organics 

Nutra Organics began its journey in 1998, long before Instagram was a thing, jackfruit tacos were trending, and before anyone knew how to pronounce ‘quinoa’. (P.s. it’s keen-wah).

There was no such thing as organic on supermarket shelves. Convenience trumped balance, and unhealthy processed foods over pure wholefoods. 

After experiencing the energy, vitality and good health from switching to an organic wholefood diet, Mark and Darlene Powell founded Nutra Organics to provide real, honest nutrition that not only tastes good, but genuinely improves the health and wellbeing of families.

They sought premium quality, ethical, organic wholefoods to provide the nutrition that families were missing out on. Their unwavering commitment to the highest quality products, made with integrity, and backed by scientific research evolved into the range it is today that’s trusted by families around the world.

What began as a garage passion project grew to become Australia’s most loved health & wellbeing brand, and has since evolved to support whole body wellbeing with the addition of premium skin care products.


Combining the purity of nature with the precision of science, Nutra Organics creates high performance skin care & nutritional products to provide deep nourishment, support optimum wellbeing and give you results that you can see and feel.



Chocolate is all about the process and that’s why we’re not trying to reinvent the candy bar--just make it our own way. We’ve followed in the footsteps of thousands of chocolatiers by using quality ingredients like real Madagascar vanilla beans and premium chocolate liquor. There’s no point in eating something that tastes more like a punishment than a reward, and we feel like that’s the biggest problem with today’s so-called healthier sweets.


We don’t believe in using hormones in food, so we don’t
We let our animals grow naturally and produce milk and eggs on their own schedules. They’re never treated with synthetic hormones that could end up in your family’s food.


Greenlea is a family owned and operated business that traces its roots to the New Zealand east coast town of Gisborne. Peter Egan, Greenlea’s founder, has spent his lifetime working in the New Zealand meat industry, but got his start working in the family’s Gisborne butcher shop in the 1960s. In 1993 Greenlea’s first plant was built on the outskirts of Hamilton and was widely praised in the press for its efficiency. Following the success of the Hamilton plant, Greenlea purchased its second plant in Morrinsville in 1997.

Greenlea’s family involvement does not end at the board table. The team spirit that pervades the company reflects the values and the strong family culture. Being one team is at the heart of what we do and how we do it. It’s Greenlea’s people working as one team that makes us successful. We’re big enough to achieve but still small enough to care. We’re passionate about our farmers, our products and our story. Get to know Greenlea, and you’ll discover why we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved and our amazing 100% grass-fed beef.


Coleman began organic animal raising practices in 1875 and raised our exacting protocols with 100% vegetarian diets without animal by-products and never uses antibiotics or growth hormones, MSG or other chemical preservatives. The chicken is true free range since the animals are allowed to roam outdoors and let them grow at their natural pace, with open air access in a comfortable, reduced-stress environment. Therefore, customer can taste the true chicken flavor in a healthy manner.


English Organic Lamb are raised in organic systems and enjoy the highest animal welfare. It is truly free range and fed with a natural diet without GMO. There is no routine antibiotic treatments nor use of hormones in the production system. All organic lambs are under 12 months of age during the slaughter process at the abattoir to optimise tenderness and flavour.



Jack Link's produces the world's finest Beef snacks in a variety of flavours and pack sizes. It uses only the most lean and juicy meat from New Zealand beef, then season it and slowing smoke it, resulting in a high protein, great tasting snack.



KR Castlemaine is part of George Weston Foods Limited (GWF) who aims to delight people every day with the simple pleasure of good food. We have been supplying pork to Butchers, Route and Foodservice customers for over 100 years – so we know our Pork!



Meyer Natural Angus is premium-quality beef that is graded USDA Choice and Prime. Their cattle are never given any form of hormones or antibiotics and can be source-and age-verified back to their ranch of origin. Meyer Natural Angus also offers a line of dry-aged products, which combines the best of European and New World ageing techniques with modern technology.


Hungarian National Association of Mangalica Breeders (MOE) is the only stately acknowledged Mangalica breeders association, playing major role in gene preservation, animal registration, quality control and issue of certificates of authenticity.

Mangalica has made a remarkable comeback and was declared as an edible national treasure by the Hungarian Parliament today under the right work of MOE.


At Naked Chook, we care deeply for our chickens and farm with integrity. Perches, hay bales, and shelter encourage our chickens to explore the pastures as they peck and forage around their coops, they can supplement their diet with fruit, nuts and seeds; get to live longer and happier lives. We raise our chickens slowly, carefully and naturally, and the result is succulent, flavourful chicken.


Pick - Hungary’s leading meat processor - has built its reputation around traditional Hungarian salami - naturally made, naturally smoked and naturally matured. With the usage of high fat content of Mangalica pork, it makes some of the world’s most flavourful sausages and salami.


S-Pure has become the world’s first to be certified by NSF International for being Raised Without Antibiotics (RWA). It offers premium, farm-fresh chicken eggs, chicken meat and hygienic pork which are meticulously controlled across the entire supply chain in accordance with the S-Pure Process to ensure maximum quality and food safety.


Welsh lamb is considered to have a good colour and a sweet succulent flavour. The unique reputation and qualities enjoyed by Welsh lamb worldwide, come from the traditional husbandry methods and feeding on abundant natural grassland. The characteristic of Welsh lamb arises from the influence of the traditional hardy Welsh breeds from the mountains providing quality breeding stock which form the basis of the lowland flocks.